One80 Bike Light

Finally, a bike light that lets you see it all. With beyond 180° degree illumination you'll see more and help other to see you better. With 4 way illumination you get the long range front lighting you're already used to having with a bike light, plus full side to side peripheral visibility and downward ground lighting.


One80 Bike Light ------- Regular Bike Light

Not your typical bike light. Safer for you and for others. With the expanded range of illumination you will not be limited to a single spot light of visibility. See everything in your side to side peripheral and the below you. That also helps make you more visible to everyone around you. 

One80 Bike Light ------ Regular Bike Light

Questionable weather won't stop you from seeing what you need to see. The One80 Bike Light is waterproof so you can set out on any ride with confidence that the rain won't stop you.  

IPX5 Waterproof

There is nothing worse than a battery running out when you need it most. That's why we've made the battery removable. Keep a back up on hand and swap it out as need  - quick and easy. 

Easily Remove and Reattach

Works perfect as a hand held flashlight