One80 Bike Light

Protected 18650, 3400 mAh Lithium Battery
Connect USB to power source

Charging indicator
Red light = Charging
Green light = Full charge

Green light = 20% -100%
Red light = Under 20%

1 click = High (500 lumen)
2 clicks = Low (250 lumen)
3 clicks = Flash

Handle Bar Mount

Unscrew bolt counter clockwise
Open mount bracket
Attached to handle bar
Connect and tighten bolt
Remove light: Push left side mount release button

Attach Handle Bar Mount To Handlebars



Attach and Remove Light to Handlebar Mount



After charging my indicator light starts to blink red, even after I've charged the bike light to full charge.
Please try these steps and let us know if this resolves the issue.

1. Unscrew the battery cover and remove the battery.
2. Remove and reinstall battery
3. Screw the cover on tightly.
4. Click through each mode two times, (High, low, strobe, high, low strobe mode).
5. If the indicator light still red flash then may be battery is not full need charging till turn to green. Please charge again until indicator light is green.