Worlds First Peripheral LED Headlamp

Expand your vision with our ultra lightweight, super versatile rechargeable headlamp



This light was a life-saver and helped me through my difficult nighttime miles and ultimately finish my first 100 mile race! It was such a hit that many of my H.U.R.T Ohana and other runners around the globe at our race have since taken interest and bought these lights! GENIUS product-thank you so much for helping illuminate our paths to make even the most challenging courses more manageable. Wishing your company continued success! Thank you!


Headlamp Comparison

The Traditional Headlamp

The tunnel vision of traditional headlamps are limited to seeing a single spot of light. With no side peripheral visibility you're forced to turn your head to anything outside the small beam of visibility. Take a look at the image to see this limitation. No matter how bright that light is, you'll only what's inside the small circle or light.

Full Peripheral Visibility with One80

Compare and see the old traditional headlamp to the expanded visibility of One80's wide angle illumination. You get back the same full lighting that you would experience with day light, and you don't have to twist and turn your head to see what's around you. The little spot of light is now a full spectrum of illumination. 

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