Q: What makes the One80 headlamp & Trek beltlamp different?

A: The ONE8Ø Light gives a full and steady 180° of illumination. Traditional headlamps are limited to tunnel vision.


Q: How long is the battery life? 

​A: Each super light 1800mA battery pack gives you up to 3 hrs on high and 7+ hours low. 

Q: What's the throw of the light?

A: Throw is around 50ft.

Q: How to charge the battery pack?

A: Charge with any standard USB charger just as you would a cell phone.  Recharge it with an outlet, your computer or solar panel. The battery pack is not set up to be able to charge a phone. 

Q: How long does it takes for the battery to be fully charged? 

A: It only takes 2 hours with 1amp charger for the battery to be fully charged. 

Q: How much does the battery pack weigh?

A: Battery pack weighs 2 oz.

Q: How much does One80 headlamp weigh?

A: The ONE8Ø headlamp weighs only 4 oz, that's with a the battery pack. 

Q: How are these LEDs with getting light into your eyes? Is there issues with regards to “night-blindness”? 

A: Like many lights, this light can be annoying to those around you in the dark. 

Q: How many brightness setting are there?

A: There are two brightness settings -
High = up to 3 hrs battery life 
Low = 7+ hrs battery life
Flash = 20+ hrs battery life

Q: Are the Headband and Trek Belt adjustable?

A: Yes.  Headlamp (19"-25") and Trek Beltlamp (26"-40") are adjustable. 


Q: Is the light waterproof?

A: Yes - iPX7


Q: What does Waterproof IPX7 mean?

A:The light can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.


Q: How to clean the headband and belt?

A: Remove the LED illumination band and the battery pack from your Headband or Trek Belt. Then, machine or hand wash your headband and/or belt.

Q: How to set up your headlamp or belt light?

A: Take your headband or belt and adjust to fit around your head or waist comfortably. The remove and attach LED illumination band to the headband or belt using the velcro. Now attach battery to adjustable battery holder and connect battery pack to LEDs. Finally, turn on and off by pressing the orange button on the battery.

Q: Can I use my Headlamp’s LED Illumination band and battery for my Trek Belt? 

AYes. ONE8Ø Light has a special feature of interchangeable components. You can use the same battery pack or LED Illumination band on either  Headlamp or Trek Beltlamp.


Q: I am from outside the United States. Is there an adapter for different international plugs?

A: Our products comes with a standard USB charger. Thus, can be used with any international USB charger, such as a wall outlet cell phone charger.

Q: What's included in a complete product set?

A: The One80 headlamp comes with one battery (and charging cord), an LED Illumination band and a Headband.
or the following bundle options:
X - Headlamp + extra battery (2 total)
Trek - Headlamp + Trek belt
Trek X - Headlamp + Trek belt and extra battery (2 total)
Helmet - Headlamp + Helmet headband 
Helmet X - Headlamp + Helmet headband and extra battery (2 total)

Q: What is the color temperature of the lights?

A: The white LEDs is 6000-7000K
The red LEDs is 620-630K
The green LEDs is 500-560K.