-Cera E. | Ultra Marathon Runner

"I got home after my run, and forgot I was wearing it!"

Weight = 4 empty aluminum cans.

The 650 Lite and 550 Lite have been meticulously crafted to be lighter and less bulky than ever before.

These lights provide unparalleled comfort during your runs.

Unmatched Comfort

Say goodbye to bulky battery packs, cords, and uncomfortable sliders and clips. The One80 Lite series prioritizes your comfort with its minimalist design, ensuring an optimal fit on both the waist and head straps. You'll hardly notice you're wearing them!

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Enhanced Safety

With a 180-degree + spotlight illumination, our lights provide maximum visibility, allowing you to see more and be seen better. The 650 Lite's impressive 650 lumens brightness ensures you can conquer any path with confidence. Additionally, the lights offer six operation modes, including flash and red light, further enhancing your safety during nighttime runs.

User Experiences

Versatile Functionality

We understand that runners have unique preferences when it comes to wearing lights, which is why we've included both waist and head straps with each light. This way, you can choose the style that suits you best and easily switch between them as desired. Furthermore, the lights are IPX4 Waterproof, so you can embrace rainy days without worry. Recharging is a breeze with the USB-C compatibility, ensuring convenient and efficient power replenishment.

Easy Indicators

Indicator lights to help you know what the status of the battery life is.

Green to show the battery is charged both while charging and after you first turn on the light.

Red shows up when charging to show that the battery is still not fully charged and when the light is turned on and reaches low battery status.

When will my order be shipped and delivered?

What if I’m not a runner?

What is IPX4 waterproof?

When you say these lights can be used for head and waist, how does that work?

Early Testing Reviews

Love the wearability options

"I love the different wearability options. Being able to switch between wearing it as a headlamp or waist light is a great benefit of this light!"

Mel R.

Beyond a beam

"I really like that the light goes beyond a beam. The side lights add so much extra light... you can see in the bushes or even run with 2 people using this one light only. "

Maria B.

Better than any other light I've had

"Compared to the other headlamps and waist lights that I've had, this is the lightest one I've ever used."

Cory R.


"It’s amazing!!! It’s the first ever light I have had that I can't even feel that it is on me."

Deidra Z.

Love it!

"I like your new light!"

Friederike B.

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Regular price $54.99
Sale price $54.99 Regular price $54.99
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