“The first business I owned was porta potties. Because I was teaching at the time I would go service the porta potties after school and into the night. The use of a headlamp was essential. Even in the small space of a porta potty I hated the limitation of a small spot light headlamps offered. The frustration of having such a limited range of vision in those moments was part of the driving force that would bring the One80 Light to life years later.”

-Ammon, Creator


One80 Light started in the small town in Mesquite, NV by somewhat of an accident. I (Ammon Arave) was a 7th grade history teacher, and Rusty, my business partner at the time was a landscape business owner. We partnered to work on private labeling new products. One night in Rusty’s living room we were working with samples of various lights and stumbled across the concept that would become the One80 Light.

What followed was two years of research and development that took until spring of 2016 when we launched the One80 light on the crowd-sourcing site kickstater.com. We were overwhelmed with the support of family, friends, and people from all around the world that helped fund our goal of $15,000 in less than 24 hours. A short 30 days later we had reached a total of $157,711.00 in backer support. It’s hard to put into words how amazing that experience was. Now, years later, I feel a staggering sense of gratitude anytime I think about it.

After the successful launch on Kickstarter we worked through the ups and downs of starting a new business over the next few years. Making lots of mistakes and learning as we moved forward, we stayed committed to being innovative in our endeavors and responsible to our supporters. Dedicated to providing a quality product that was both practical in use and sleek in design. 

Since then, I’ve quit teaching and put everything into One80. Rusty and I have taken different paths, but his contributions were critical to get One80 to where it is today.