The ONE80 solves tunnel vision by providing enough light to simulate daylight. The 180 degree light allows you to naturally use your eyes the way you use them during the day, with your peripheries. This eliminates the need to precariously turn your head to see, and opens you to a full peripheral perspective in the dark.

Whether you’re running up a trail through the trees or rappelling down a canyon wall the One80 Light will give a steady and even light source. You no longer have to worry about the bouncing beam of light that jolts around and shakes with every head and body movement. Experience steady Illumination no matter how active you are.  

Runners love the One80 Belt option. The light source is central to your body and closer to the road or trail ahead. That's going to give you a better view off what potential hazards may be coming your way. Plus, unlike other lights that bounce around while you run, the One80 belt lights broad spectrum of light give you reliable solid and steady illumination. 

Are you a runner, hiker or walker? The One80 belt light may be perfect for you.

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New possibilities open up with interchangeable parts. Quickly and easily trade out with a backup battery. Remove the LED illumination band and the battery pack from your One80 headlamp or belt to light up your tent. Regardless of how you use your One80 Light, it will likely get dirty. Simply remove the illumination band and battery pack to machine or hand wash your headband and/or belt.


Save money when you bundle. Add and extra battery and knock 15% off your total price!

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Unlike a AA or AAA battery powered light that begins to dim shortly after turning on, the One80 lithium battery pack gives you the same constant power from full charge to no charge. That way you can reliably count on a full capacity light source for the entire charge of each battery.